Meet the Players of Team Kinguin HOTS

Tue 2nd Jun 2015 - 2:00pm : Gaming




"InvidiuM" is an 18 year old gamer from Germany and a dedicated HOTS-player since October 2014. His favorite movie is Lord of the rings and he loves german BBQ. He found his way to HOTS from challenger series in LoL and fills the role of a ranged assassin with his favorite heroes Valla and Sylvanas.



"Nebse" is 20 years old, living in Germany and filling the Support role for his team, mostly with his favourite heroes Brightwing and Malfurion He started competing in every tournament together with invidiuM and Antihero since October 2014, and achieved some quiet good personal results in other games, such League of Legends (S3 Challenger), SC2 (S1 2013 Grandmaster) and Hearthstone (S3 Rank 9 Legend EU). He is a huge fan of fantasy like Warcraft and Lord of the rings.



The newest member of Team Kinguin "GerdamHerd" fills flexible roles and plays whatever is needed in every game, even if he enjoys Brightwing and Valla the most. He started playing HOTS in the beginning of alpha and had success with many teams since then, ranking #1 in Community Cup #9 and #17 with his former teams "aAa" and "WELL MET". Whilst not playing, he enjoys watching the "Back to the future" movies and eating pizza.



The 19 year old "Antihero" is tanking the damage for his german team, hopefully with his favorite hero Chen. Even if he’s never the one running away from a fight, his favorite movie is Forrest Gump. His favorite food is doner kebab. "antihero" participated in eps winter 2014 offline finals in League of Legends and Major League seasons 1 and 2 in Heroes of the Storm.



The team's captain "snow" is 22 years old and started playing competitive 10 years ago with Warcraft 3, where he was able to win a few tournaments like zotac and fit 4 gaming. He reached multiple Gladiator-rankings in World of Warcraft and Diamond 1 Rating in League of Legends. Outside of the Nexus "snow" is a big soccer-fan and likes to go out with his friends. His goal in HOTS is to reach top ranks worldwide and win huge tournaments with his team.



Christian Kanzewitsch

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