Bigger XP boost till June 15, Dan Bull Music and more

Wed 10th Jun 2015 - 8:29am : Gaming

Blizzard continues to celebrate the release of Heroes of the Storm by granting the players more XP for an even longer period of time. Every player logging in between 9th and 15th of June will receive a 50% XP boost. Reminder: This XP boost is passive. You will not see it until you finished a game and get rewarded with holiday experience.

Fan-made videos, music and more

Everyone who plays Blizzard’s games knows about their great fan base and the huge amount of creativity and devotion it shows. We want to show you two creations, that really brought us fun and excitement. Dan Bull is a musician well known for his gaming related songs and he was asked by Blizzard to do a music video for the #nexuscalling event.

Here’s what he came up with.

You can check out Dan Bull's YouTube channel here for more exciting gaming music.

Another big source of funny videos for nearly all of Blizzard’s games Is CarbotAnimation’s YouTube channel.

CarbotAnimations recently started a Heroes of the Storm series with the first video showing Raynor inspiring his troops, leading them to... victory? They announced the release of one video each month. We are looking forward to the series. Here’s their first Heroes of the Storm video ‘Aspire to Inspire’:

Now grab your mouse, start your launcher and dont waste that 50% XP boost!


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