Team Kinguin CS:GO qualified for Main Tournament

Sun 14th Jun 2015 - 12:44pm : Gaming

Opening Ceremony Video


Team Kinguin CS:GO played very good and collective yesterday, they showed up as an united front - ready for war and managed to qualify to the main tournament.

Today, our team is in a very good and challenging group of teams:

Group B: Dignitas, NaVi, NiP and Kinguin

Kinguins first game of the day will be against NaVi at 18:30. All of the matches will be played on stage, so you can see Team Kinguin live just by watching the CS:GO section of the stream. Streams can be found here

Kinguin Team Manager Danniel Morales: "We are very hyped and focused about today's matches and that all matches are played on stage is reaaaaaally nice [...] don't be afraid to come and ask for an autograph, photo or just to have a little chat. We love our fans and the support we get, it makes us wanna work even harder."

Even if they know, that playing on stage can be intense and nerves and pressure can take over, the whole team feels ready for this.

"It's things like this, all players want to reach"
              - Team Kinguin live at Dreamhack

Maikelele: "Stagematches versus teams like this is what makes my motivation thrive, this is what I live for and I'm so happy to be back with a team and an organization like this. We are like family and it couldn't feel any better!"



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