Q&A part 1 and Report From Team Kinguin's journey at Dreamhack 2015

Mon 15th Jun 2015 - 4:13pm : Gaming

To give our fans the perfect feeling and insight about the thoughts and feelings of Team Kinguin CS:GO, I’ll just rewrite what Team Manager Danniel Morales and the team told me after their first lan and two days of exciting games.

Team Kinguin’s journey in dramhack CS:GO open: We lost against NaVi (8-16) and against Dignitas (14-16). We’ve made a comeback from 7-15 to 14-15. Maikelele and Skytten turned a 2on4 into a 2on2 with a bomb planted but didn’t manage to finish.

This was Kinguin’s lan debut and we all feel like we really learned a lot from this - communication and adapting wise.

Maikelele, as u know, sat down on the floor and played like that. The only reason was his chair, which was too high. He has a special way of playing and needs to sit lower to be on top. The chair wasn’t made to get lower than it already was which became a huge problem. He had to improvise and was not on top as a result of that.

Team Kinguin is now going to Warszawa for a 5 day bootcamp. This is exactly what we need to get further in our development.

The material from DreamHack will act as a foundation to our growth as a team.

After this we are going to Slovenia, a qualifier for the gaming paradise lan later this year.

Team Manager Danniel Morales:

“Team Kinguin would sincerely thank you, for all the support we get from our fans. Without you it wouldn’t feel the way it feels. With you, our motivation just explodes.

We will continue our journey. Cu on the field”



Dominic Fiedler

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