Q&A part 1&2 from team Kinguin CS:GO DreamHack

Wed 17th Jun 2015 - 1:47pm : Gaming

After leaving their very first lan, Team Kinguin was asked to do a little Q&A video, answering questions from fans. You can find both parts here and for those of you, that don’t want to watch the videos I’ve listed some of the question and a short roundup of the answer to it.


Kebap or Pizza?

Kebap! Team Kinguin CS:GO seems to be a Kebap Team

What's the best part of having Kinguin as a sponsor?

It's really professionel and they work at a much higher standard than most of the others.

What was wrong with Maikelele's chair?

Maikelele normally is sitting way lower than the chair was able to go, so he had to adjust and improvise.

What's the most important thing to improve besides the communication?

We just have to play way more. We have to know each others playstyle better and have to adjust the whole team to find a "global" playstyle for all of us. That's the difficulty with international teams.

Have you established your roles in the team?


Do you guys gonna do a bootcamp or something like that?

In fact, the team is on a bootcamp in Warszawa at the moment, working on their teamplay and performance.

How do you feel about people saying you guys have no realistic chance to compete against other top teams?

It's impossible for a new team to compete against other pro teams, that play together for a very long time. We need time to show our true potential. You can't put 5 good players together at random and expect a miracle.

Main goals for this year?

Qualify and compete at ESL One Cologne

Is communication really a problem, alot of people tend to say it is?

Actually not. It was a little problem on dreamhack due to the high stress level on our first lan ever. It's way harder to speak a non native language if you're stressed. Nerves were the bigger problem.

Will there be t-shirts with the logo of Team Kinguin?

Of course. There already is a fan-shirt available in our shop and many more are about to come.

How you guys are coping after attending a Lan event, and what are the pros and cons you guys learnt?

The most important thing to get is team experience on lan. It's much easier to play online than it is on stage.



Dominic Fiedler

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