BOB wins the Enter the Storm Qualifier #4

Tue 28th Jul 2015 - 10:04pm : Gaming

Kinguin and BOB both stayed undefeated for four rounds of Bo1 matches till they met each other in the Bo3 grand finals. Kinguin had to defeat PAM PAM, JUST DO IZ, DYB and TF while BOB had to go through the games against Flys, OCC, PiP and Kappa123 to reach the grand finals.

The games

The action started with the drafts. Both teams did very well and ended up with an extremly melee-heavy setup on both sides in game one. After two very intense games featuring triple tank and Leoric on BOB’s side in the first one and some pretty clutch teamfights in both of them, Kinguin ended up losing the finals 2-0 against BOB.

More infos

You can find all informations and results here.

Team Standings

Bob? 76
Kappa123 56
Puszek 40
Huron 26
Kinguin 24
Dun Goofed 20   
MYM 12
Spartanien 10
TF 10
Perezosos 8
Bae 6

Congratulations to BOB for winning the ETS Qualifier #4



Dominic Fiedler

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