ROCCAT wins ETS Qualifier #5

Thu 30th Jul 2015 - 4:08pm : Gaming

Leoric is up and coming in competitive HotS. He got drafted by ROCCAT in both of the finals games against Kappa123 and they did extremely well with him. Playing a double warrior composition against Kappa123's KT pick on both maps, they were able to defeat Kappa123 2-0 by ensuring an early game lead and taking it to late game.

Kinguin unfortunately was defeated by ROCCAT in a Bo1 in Round 3. Kinguin lost a few points, while Kappa123 and ROCCAT both climbed the ladder even more.

Team Standings

Bob? 84
Kappa123 72
Puszek 48
Huron 34
Kinguin 28
Dun Goofed 20
MYM 16
Spartanien 10
TF 10
Perezosos 8
E-Corp BTM 8




Dominic Fiedler

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