Na'Vi wins Europe Open #1

Mon 3rd Aug 2015 - 8:12pm : Gaming

After getting kicked to the losers bracket after their first game, Na'Vi came back to claim the victory in European Open #1, securing themselves a spot in the European Championship together with ROCCAT and Virtus Pro.

After losing their first match against Virtus Pro, they ended up in the losers bracket. Na'Vi had to fight their way back up in order to qualify for the European Championship. They had to face MYM, Gamers2, Fnatic and Virtus Pro again to finally meet ROCCAT in the grand finals ina an double Bo3. Both teams playes very well but Na'Vi had just this slight advantage when it comes to teamfights and execution, which lead them to victory.

Na'Vi therefore ended up as the winner of the first European Open after some pretty intense matches against some of Europe's best HotS teams.

Congratulations to Na'Vi for their well earned victory!

Teams qualified for European Championship:

- Na'Vi
- Virtus Pro



Dominic Fiedler

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