New hero and map playable on PTR

Wed 12th Aug 2015 - 7:14pm : Gaming

Blizzard released the new Battleground 'Infernal Shrines' and a new support hero 'Kharazim' to the PTR on the 10th of August. Be sure to test both before it goes live and support Blizzard with well needed feedback and bug reports if you find some.

Infernal Shrines is a three-lane Battleground featuring thrre infernal shrines that will gather power once in a while. While a shrine is gathering power, it will spawn minions and it's your objective to kill as many of them as possible. The team killing 30 minions first, will be supported by a Punisher with powerful mechanics.

The new hero 'Kharazim' is a Diablo based support hero (the first Diablo support in the game) and comes with many different playstyles. Right at the beginning you can choose between 3 different Traits, each filling a different role (healing, supporting, damage). We played him on PTR and we had tons of fun with him. be sure to try him out.

Other heroes get changes, too. Kael'Thas gets a pretty big change in losing his Ignite on level 16 and Azmodan received some very interesting new talent-choices. Check it out and be the first one to know!

You can find all informations about the patch, the new hero and the Infernal Shrines here.



Dominic Fiedler

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