Kharazim entered the Storm

Thu 20th Aug 2015 - 7:14pm : Gaming

Kharazim entered the Nexus this week as the first Diablo-based support hero. As an agile and mobile hero he supports his mates with healing, shielding and damage.

The latest patch went live this week for all servers and regions, bringing not only a new support hero into the game, but also a lot of balancing changes to the table.


Designed after the monk class from Diablo 3, Kharazim offers a lot of different playstyles. His level 1 talent choice is one of three different traits, increasing his damage, mana regeneration or healing capabilities. He's is on sale for 9,99 EUR in the ingame shop. Those who really like him and his alternate skin Jade Dragon Kharazim can buy the bundle for 12,99 EUR and get both him and his skin.

Patch Notes

This week's patch brought some minor changes to some heroes but really important balance-swings to others. Kael'Thas lost his level 16 talent 'Ignite' which made him a powerhouse from that level on and could change the tide of games. He got a flat damage increase instead and may now be played different than before. Jaina's Water Elemental suffered a minor nerf while heroes like Kerrigan received some major changes.

You can find the patch notes and a lot more details about this week's patch here.

"I am the fists of the gods!"
     - Kharazim



Dominic Fiedler

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