Team Kinguin release Danniel "Dalito" Morales

Thu 23rd Jul 2015 - 7:16pm : General : Gaming


To our fans:

We founded Team Kinguin because we all hungered for competitive play so so much. Even though we all speak different languages when we get home, Counter-Strike has sort of become the way we communicate as a team and as friends.

Saying that a couple days ago we were all made aware of a report highlighting a VAC-ban on our coach Dalito. With some big events coming up, we immediately reached out to the tournament organizers to understand what our next steps needed to be.

Our sponsor Kinguin have been so generous and understanding with everything that's helped this team to evolve. They've had minimal involvement with the teams strategic direction so long as we kept to their one simple maxim: Be Professional Athletes, Play like Professional Athletes. Yeah, it sounds cheesy but it's helped guide us in all of the decisions we've made as a team.

We've all watched the scene develop over time and as the majors have piled up, the accusations of unfair play and cheating have risen. It's a no-debate issue for everyone in the team: Proven cheaters will never be welcome here. With the news of Dalito's VAC ban, it should come as no shock to those who know us that Dalito will be released from the Team Kinguin colours effective immediately.

We'll be seeking out a new coach to help lead us toward the Tier 1 of esports greatest game and will keep you updated with any further information. In the meanwhile, the players and management just want to thank the entire community for looking out for us no matter what happens. You guys seriously are the best fans any of us have ever had!






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