Team Kinguin - New Beginnings

Fri 11th Sep 2015 - 12:45pm : General

When our journey began with the team in May we were happy to have found the right mix of players to work with. Despite a few minor lineup changes we believe the core lineup shares our dedication to Esports. The team has also achieved so much in such a short period of time - a feat we are very proud of. Which is why we are happy to see them join up with G2, a brand created by one of the most famous Esport players of all time - Ocelote. As a new partner of G2, we’ll still be close by to watch the whole organization continue to succeed.

We’re excited to focus on more targeted efforts in Esports beyond providing a marketplace for those who want to play the best games for great prices; supporting projects we care about and making our portal the best it can be for the community.

We know that the team will be well taken care of and we want to take this moment to thank all the players for taking the plunge with us and enjoying every moment.

Good luck boys! We will keep our fingers crossed!



Macel-us Us-Marcel

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